Alarm Handling – total flexibility

Every organisation is different. That is why TrakRanger allows you complete flexibility and customisation when it comes to alert and alarm handling.

Other systems allow you to choose from a predetermined selection of events or involve expensive bespoke programing. Our unique interface is far more flexible because it allows you to mix and match criteria to create an unlimited number of rules and responses. In this way you create the system that exactly suits the individual needs of your organisation.

For example, a different supervisor can be alerted depending on the time of day and/or the worker’s exact location. You can create geo-fences so that an alarm is triggered should a worker or vehicle venture outside a predetermined area. You can even integrate TrakRanger with CCTV so that when an alarm goes off, it will automatically display the camera at that device’s location on the screen.

The possibilities are endless, yet TrakRanger is simple to set up and use and delivers the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can respond quickly, appropriately and effectively to every situation.