TrakRanger GPS Tracking

Tracking without limits

Our system is ideal for tracking vehicles or workers because it is uniquely flexible and so simple to use. From a single web-based interface TrakRanger allows you to monitor the whereabouts of any combination of radios, personal safety devices, vehicles and mobile phones concurrently.

There is no limit on the number of ‘seats’ so, not only do you avoid costly license fees, but an unlimited number of people can also simultaneously access the system and check the whereabouts of any device in real-time or historically.

Tracking can be used for increased security and protecting employees’ or contractors’ health & safety. Using the inbuilt alarm handling system, customisable events or alerts can be triggered should a device go beyond a predetermined distance or into a predefined area.

We currently support all the top radio manufacturers, including Hytera, Seimens and Motorola, as well as iPhone and Android mobiles, and are adding new manufacturers all the time.